winter magic


For perfectly cared and protected skin!

JEAN D’ARCEL is starting the cold time of the year with an effective treatment consisting of precious oils
Golden winter luxury based on exceptional plant oils caresses the skin and provides magical feel-good moments! Continue reading

neck firming care

Neck firming care

To counter fatigue symptoms of the skin on the neck supply the crème cou et décolleté after cleansing and gently massage in the morning and evening. For a noticeably firmer and more youthful decollete and a visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.


Bye bye impurities

Enlarged skin pores, fat gloss and a poorly perfused skin that is past history now ! Treat impurities and refine your skin with the intensive 24h care crème sebo-balance by purifiante.


Eye catcher

Dark night blue eye shadow turns night into day. Alternatively, a metallic nude tone flatters every look. The water-resistant eye shadow pen can be used both as eye shadow over the entire eyelid and as a kajal pencil. Continue reading